Hajj ambulances fully equipped, maintained: Saudi Red Crescent

Thu, 2017-08-24 03:00

JEDDAH: All ambulances operating during the Hajj season have been fully equipped with first aid supplies, and medical tools and equipment have undergone the required maintenance, said Eid bin Mohammed Al-Eid, head of the medical supply department at the Saudi Red Crescent Authority (SRCA).

The department’s plan is to provide permanent and seasonal aid stations with the necessary medical supplies, and ensure that ambulances on duty during Hajj never run short, he added.
The plan also provides support to emergency medical teams, ambulance centers and volunteers, Al-Eid said.
The authority’s medical supply department will deploy a technical team to examine ambulances on duty at the holy sites, and provide them with round-the-clock supplies and maintenance of their equipment during the Hajj season, he added.
Recently, the Technical and Vocational Training Corp. and the SRCA in the Makkah region have implemented a first-aid program for 200 scouts and rovers at a camp in Jeddah to prepare them to serve pilgrims in Makkah.
The director general of the corporation in the Makkah region, Faisal Kadsah, stressed the importance of the camp in serving pilgrims.
He expressed appreciation for the efforts of the General Administration for Trainee Affairs, which supports the employment of trainees during the Hajj season.
He said the participation of the corporation is part of efforts by the public and private sectors to serve pilgrims, with the full support of the government.
The leader of the scout camp, Walid bin Khalid Filimban, said the corporation qualifies its trainees to deal professionally with all cases.
He stressed the necessity of knowing first-aid principles.

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