“To be honest you can not help but promote Buhari.
I mean a few years ago he cried for Nigeria! Now reverend Fathers are crying……

Sincerely speaking, for a retired Soildier in the Nigerian Army, who has just one wife, even though his religion allows him to marry more!

For an ex President who declares his assets publicly with no foreign account.

For an attractive man who can boosts of having no girlfriend or mistress, in a world where having extra marital affairs is the order of the day. And during all these time the devil has not
possessed any of his worshippers to blackmail him?

There must be something interesting about this person, and Nigerians want to learn such discipline from this Personality.

“This is not a campaign, but an intriguing mystery we want to be part of”.

“CAN of Hypocrites” By William Johnson.

The no-nonsense Buhari travelled and an erudite Osinbajo took over, and all of a sudden, CAN realised ‘we need to support our country’. (Anthem of ‘Islamization’ no longer rent the air).

‘Nigeria is the worst place to practise Christianity’ song is no longer popular. Whatsapp messages from different acclaimed Pastors on how ‘Buhari is killing Christians’ have disappeared, and different ‘revelations from above’ have vanished.
More than 20 people lost their lives early last week in Kaduna, yet no one hear anything from CAN or Apostle Sulaiman!!!

This shows that Buhari as a person is not their problem, but his religion. Because this same CAN were deaf and dumb when Boko Haram was killing in the North under a ‘Christian’ President!!!

What a CAN of hypocrites! What a CAN of haters!! CAN of politics!!! CAN of Dollars!!!!

I still insist, CAN does not represent me, I’m a Christian, but not part of CAN.


“Marwa Maitatsine, was a Christian until his death!!!
Back in 1954, there ware series of meetings by the highest body of Christian association in the northern Nigeria, in Jos, which I happened to be the secretary, taking the minutes of that meeting (then, I was an undergraduate student of Christian Theology). Part of the result of that meeting was, to sponsor some people among ‘us’ to go to Arab countries as new Muslim converts, and learn Arabic and Islam. Their mission was to come back to Nigeria as Muslims clerics, use their Islamic knowledge to preach violence, distort original Islamic teachings and if possible cause a riot in the North that will make northern Nigeria a history!!!

Five people were nominated for the job, and sent to Sudan to start their mission. 3 of them refused to come back and execute their plan, but spent the rest of their lives in Sudan as true Muslims. The remaining two; Muhammad Marwa and Birema came back.
Marwa was sent to Kano, and Birema was sent to Niamey Niger Republic.”…

Professor Dauda Ojobi. A former secretary of Northern Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).
A retired Professor in Benue State University faculty of Law.
The 3rd Reverend Father from northern Nigeria, after Paul Gindiri, and GG Ganaka,
The first Nigerian overseer of Baptist Church in Kaduna, and One time commissioner of Justice in Bauchi State!!!

Mai Tatsine the obsolete version of Boko Haram, which began their reign in late 50’s in Kano and some other parts of Northern Nigeria, their ideologies were similar to that of Boko Haram, they forbade what Islam allowed, and allowed what Islam made haram. They claimed western education is sin, they rejected anything brought by technology, they were popular with saying, wearing a wrist watch is haram, using radios and television is haram e.t.c. (considering the technological advancement of that period). The spiritual leader of Maitatsine movement was Muhammad Marwa a.k.a Mai Tatsine.

The Emir of Kano Sanusi, once suspected Maitasine as fake Muslim when he discovered Maitatsine received goods from Vatican Palace. After sarki confirmed his findings, he expelled Maitatsine out of Kano, in early 60’s. Mai Tatsine was later brought back to Kano by Gov. Rimi in 1979.
Rimi believed that Maitatsine would help him win his re-election through charm.
After Maitatsine’s death, Shagari, the then President set a Anya Goru panel to investigate the crises. Prof. Dauda has made his submission in that panel, but when the President, saw the report, he said no!!! The white paper will not be issued on this report, because it may result to crises, so the white paper was not issued, till date!!!

Professor Dauda became Muslim in 1966, after he came back from Rome, where he went to further his studies, in Christian Theology. He is still alive and has become a Muslim preacher for over 40 years. What I quoted above was from his lecture I attended in Bauchi, 2002.

Ever since, no any Christian scholar or CAN executive denied this statement from Prof. Dauda . Are they waiting for his death before they deny it?
-Security operatives that always claim they want uproot the Boko Haram mayhem did not investigate in that angle, why?
-Why the relationship between Jerry Gana (CAN chieftain) and Muhammad Yusuf, founder of Bokoharam? The former has bailed the later from police custody several times.
-I see a double standard approach and hypocrisy by the security personnel, in the investigation.
-I began to believe Boko Haram is the creation of some enemies of Islam possibly CAN (not Christian), is never a creation of Muslims.
-Remember, Hillary Clinton once said Taliban is their creation, to fight Russians.

I beg your pardon, if this write up hurt you in any form, it’s not intended, but facts need to be set straight.


They pretend to be religious, and also pretend to love religion. But you know they are not religious, and neither do they love religion because of their unhidden love and support for Nigeria’s most corrupt and most inept ruler in history, GEJ. Nobody who is religious or loves religion will support and promote such a crook. Quote me on that.

At both their best and worst moments, they are merely using the cover of religion to express their rabid hatred for a particular region or set of people, and this further exposes the fact that they are not religious, and neither do they love religion, because the religion they claim to practice expressly disdains the very character and attitude they manifest against others daily as much as it equally disdains the abhorrent character of the politicians they adore and promote.

Now, isn’t it funny, curious, and mysterious that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has become an overnight darling of the ever pugnaciousR and deplorable Wailing Wailers? The answer is simple: religion.

All of a sudden, these poor minded and low IQued Wailing Wailers are attributing the strengthening of the Naira against the dollar to VP Osinbajo (alone) on the puerile ground that President Buhari is away when it happened, and you now have a well balanced understanding of all the idiotic and satanic wishes that Buhari should die! In fact, quite a number of them are already saying PMB should remain in London so that he can continue as President!!!

What is the reason? Religion.

Now this is the Osinbajo they did not vote for, and neither did they vote for Buhari because of Osinbajo in spite of overwhelming evidences that both men were 20 billion percent better than the notorious rogue and terrorist they were brainwashed by corrupt priests to root for! Not only that, when General Buhari picked Pastor Yemi Osinbajo as his running mate in the winter of 2014, these very same moronic Wailing Wailers mocked and derided Buhari that he picked a pastor so that he could deceive Christians into voting for him in the exact fashion they did him when he picked Pastor Tunde Bakare to run with him in the 2011 race. They ran all manner of lies and propaganda against the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket, and now, all of a sudden, they are in love with the very same pastor they derided and whom also was derided by their own pastors who preferred to be holding nocturnal meetings with their GEJ who was splashing “Boko Haram” blood money on them?

They even lied and kidded themselves just to perpetuate that “ineffectual buffoon” in power that the APC was an Islamic party, and then accused Pastor Yemi Osinbajo of hobnobbing with Islamic Fundamentalists just as they did to many of us who shunned their own version of “religious party”. Shouldn’t we therefore ask these seemingly incurable enemies of national progress whether APC is no longer an Islamic party and whether Osinbajo is no longer an “anti-Christ” the way they labeled him at that time, now that they see him as their darling? Apart from that, these moronic Wailers also derided the APC’s broom symbol, suggesting that brooms are used by witches to fly in the night. So we should ask them: is Professor Yemi Osinbajo no longer a witch?

I thought they said PMB had no economic team, so what has changed? Has Acting President Osinbajo fired the economic team he was head of and constituted a new one after PMB made him Acting President? This is purely an APC affair in an APC administration. Same government. Same team doing what they started doing ab initio, and achieving the results they projected they were going to achieve from the beginning. So what’s your beef with it? And because of these same stupid and useless sentiments, we have seen them attribute every landmark achievement of President Buhari to their Jonathan, and we wonder where and what Jonathan was doing for six years so much that every project initiated and commissioned by Buhari is attributed by them to that rabid rogue? And we also wonder why they are not attributing Buhari’s anti-corruption successes to their Jonathan, or is it a tacit admission that they know their “hero” is blatantly corrupt beyond redemption?

If PMB was so confident enough to make his VP the Acting President without playing any hanky-panky game, it was because he was absolutely confident that his VP will run the country in the same manner he has been running it before he traveled, and, in fact, that’s the major reason he picked him as his running mate.

By the way, why was it that throughout Jonathan’s six years as President there was never ever a time he made his VP Namadi Sambo Acting President despite the fact that he went on his annual leave every year, and in spite of the fact that both of them were firmly united in corruption? Was it a case of no honour among thieves or was it simply a case of ethno-religious bigotry even among thieves?

When we talk of CHANGE, we really are not kidding. Wailers should give kudos to PMB for not being a bigot who would mischievously not make his VP the Acting President whenever he was going to be unavoidably absent from the country. Let them watch APC fix the rot they cooked and left behind. The Osinbajo you are hailing today was picked by PMB, and you mocked and derided him for following PMB; you therefore need to clap for Buhari for any achievement you think was achieved by Osinbajo. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t, for I know you very well. You often behave like monkeys or donkeys or both at the same time, and you know, the words donkey and monkey sound alike, isn’t it?

Or, perhaps, as a good psychologist that I am, your sudden orgasm about Professor Yemi Osinbajo could be your therapy to massage and assuage your bruised and battered ego over the colossal damage your hero GEJ did to your sense of worth. If not so then why are you bothered about the “work” of a top APC man, a man and his party that you derided and insulted with all your worthless passion?

Written by. Sharon Faliya Cham.


“Share as received”
Good morning.

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