There was no meeting with Buhari, governors in Abuja House, London – Security expert claims

Africa and Middle East security expert, Aye Dee has showed up with claim that there was no meeting at Abuja House, London between President Muhammadu Buhari and Nigerian governors on Wednesday.

He made the claim in a series of tweets, through which he revealed the last movement of vehicles at Abuja House, where Nigerian President is reportedly lodging in London.

The security expert lamented that Nigerians were being deceived by the Aso Rock.

Aye Dee wrote, “Nigeria, we are being lied 2 by @AsoRock, neither @MBuhari nor any of the Governors have been to Abuja House, London, today [Wednesday].”

He posted picture of a vehicle with registration number: 222D901, and said that was the only movement in the Abuja House on Wednesday.

“There was no Presidential Activity there today.

“I challenge any Nigerian present there 2 dispute this.

“Those who think pictures of @MBuharimeeting with governors means anything, this is for you.”

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